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Tulchin Research Recommends Gavin Newsom’s New Book Citizenville

March 7th, 2013 · Blog

images We wanted to share a book that we think is well worth reading. Check out California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom's new book, Citizenville. While Newsom just so happens to be a Tulchin Research client, we feel he offers some really interesting ideas to transform our democracy. In Citizenville, Newsom examines how Americans can transform their government for the better using the tools of the digital age. In Citizenville, Newsom asks: Why is going to the DMV still a three-hour ordeal? Why is our government still on the cutting edge of 1973? Why does the public have a higher approval rating for root canals than Congress? Newsom explains how we got into this mess of government gridlock and how we can solve it with a digital revolution. In the book, he talks to technology pioneers, entrepreneurs, and social media stars to come up with clear steps we can take to reshape our government and engage ordinary citizens. President Bill Clinton says, ''Citizenville makes a fascinating case for a more engaged government, transformed to meet the challenges and possibilities of the 21st century.'' To find out more about the book, feel free to visit the Citizenville website by clicking here. Regards, The Tulchin Research Team P.S. If nothing else, check out chapter 7 of this book that discusses the role of competition in innovation of all kinds – we think you'll find it really insightful. Visit the Citizenville Website Here.

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