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Voters Strongly Support Public Access to Police Misconduct Reports, Body Cam Footage

August 26th, 2015 · News

aclu Tulchin Research recently conducted a California statewide survey on behalf of the ACLU of California Center for Advocacy & Policy to assess how likely voters think and feel about criminal justice and law enforcement, especially with regard to police misconduct. With the issue in the news in recent months due to high profile events, this research aims to gauge voter sentiments towards these issues in California specifically and help inform elected officials in Sacramento about the public’s desire to reform how police interact with the public, especially in communities of color. The poll found California voters want more transparency with how police misconduct cases are handled. Specifically, they demand public access to investigations of acts of misconduct and use of force by police. Voters see body cameras on police officers as a helpful tool in making policing more transparent and for holding officers accountable for how they interact with the public, especially in cases of misconduct and use of force. Furthermore, voters want access to the footage, especially when force or misconduct is involved.   Read Detailed Polling Data Here. Read the ACLU Press Release Here. Regards, The Tulchin Research Team   Contact Us     To find out more about Tulchin Research and how we can help you with your research needs, visit our website,, email Ben at, or call us at (415) 874-7441.  

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