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New California Statewide Poll Finds Strong Support for Legalizing, Regulating and Taxing Marijuana

October 21st, 2013 · Blog, Company News, Issues, News, Poll release

New Tulchin Research Poll Is Part of the ACLU’s Effort to Form a Blue Ribbon Panel on Marijuana Legalization Lead by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom A new Tulchin Research poll finds that a solid majority of voters in California support a proposal to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. The ACLU Thursday released results from this […]

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Tulchin Research Recommends Gavin Newsom’s New Book Citizenville

March 7th, 2013 · Blog

We wanted to share a book that we think is well worth reading. Check out California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom’s new book, Citizenville. While Newsom just so happens to be a Tulchin Research client, we feel he offers some really interesting ideas to transform our democracy. In Citizenville, Newsom examines how Americans can transform their […]

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January 18th, 2011 · Blog, Company News, News

We attended his swearing in as California’s 49th Lieutenant Governor BUY Rythmol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, and it was a great event.  The political elite from both San Francisco and Sacramento were there in force.  It helps when you delay your swearing in so that it is the only thing happening in town and don’t have to compete with other events!  Newsom was at his best – delivering an uplifting speech about the promise of California.  Good stuff, where to buy Rythmol. Where can i buy cheapest Rythmol online, This is the kind of event that makes us appreciate what we do – that getting clients elected actually matters as they go on to hold elected office and can make a difference.

View our photos after the jump, buy cheap Rythmol no rx. Buy Rythmol without prescription, Here are some photos of the event.  Enjoy.

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November 18th, 2010 · Blog, Company News


With the elections of 2010 behind us and Thanksgiving fast approaching, the Tulchin Research team wanted to take a moment to thank our clients, friends and vendors as we reflect upon a highly successful cycle for our firm. Fast shipping Xopenex, After opening our doors in early 2009, we met with a wave of success and were named the top new Democratic political consulting firm of the year by the American Association of Political Consultants.  Now, buy Xopenex online cod, Where can i find Xopenex online, we are proud to report that in a very challenging year for Democrats, Tulchin Research time and again found a way to help our clients win, buy cheap Xopenex. Where can i buy Xopenex online, We were privileged to poll in a dozen states and deliver real results for our candidate, non-profit, where to buy Xopenex, Order Xopenex no prescription, issue advocacy, and corporate clients, Xopenex price, coupon. Where can i order Xopenex without prescription, We worked on numerous state and local ballot initiatives on a wide range of issues and helped to elect candidates up-and-down the ballot.

Here are some of the highlights from our work in the 2010 election cycle:

  • California Lieutenant Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom, ordering Xopenex online. We worked with San Francisco’s Mayor in both the primary to capture the Democratic nomination and in the general election to defeat sitting Lieutenant Governor Abel Maldonado by a convincing margin.

  • The California Assembly Democratic Caucus. We worked with Speaker John Perez and the Assembly Democratic Caucus team, polling in competitive races and accurately predicting the outcomes, BUY Xopenex ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Where to buy Xopenex, While Democrats lost nearly 700 state legislative seats nationally this year, California Assembly Democrats instead were the only Caucus program in the country to build upon the gains made in 2008.

  • California Assemblyman-Elect Richard Pan (AD 5), purchase Xopenex. Australia, uk, us, usa, In a suburban Republican district never before represented by a Democrat, we worked closely with pediatrician Richard Pan to win come-from-behind victories in both the primary and general elections, order Xopenex from mexican pharmacy. Buy generic Xopenex, We strategically used Dr. Pan’s pro-choice position to defeat conservative Republican Andy Pugno, online buying Xopenex hcl, Buy cheap Xopenex no rx, who served as chief counsel for Proposition 8, California’s anti-gay marriage initiative.

  • California State Senator Leland Yee. We’re proud to work with Senator Leland Yee, buy Xopenex ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buying Xopenex online over the counter, who soundly won re-election and is currently exploring a 2011 campaign for Mayor of San Francisco.

  • Eureka. Additional Golden State Wins. We worked to help re-elect Congressman John Garamendi BUY Xopenex ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, , Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, and Assemblyman Jose Solorio. And we helped elect to the State Assembly Mike Gatto, Xopenex trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy no prescription Xopenex online, Richard Gordon, Roger Hernandez, buy Xopenex without a prescription, Kjøpe Xopenex på nett, köpa Xopenex online, Ben Hueso, Manuel Perez, Xopenex samples, Buy Xopenex without prescription, and Bob Wieckowski.

  • Winning Deep in The Heart Of Texas. In a year where Republicans dominated the ballot box in Texas, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Online buy Xopenex without a prescription, Tulchin Research helped to navigate Democrats to success in several important elections.

    • We worked with Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins to win re-election, comprar en línea Xopenex, comprar Xopenex baratos, Buy Xopenex from mexico, despite being outspent by our Republican opponent.

    • We polled for State Representative-Elect Eric Johnson and helped him win an upset victory over an incumbent legislator.

    • We helped re-elect State Representative Donna Howard in one of the very few swing districts won by Democrats this year, effectively denying Texas Republicans a 100-seat legislative “supermajority.”

  • Democratic Victories in Pennsylvania, order Xopenex online c.o.d. Buy Xopenex from canada, In another state where Republicans had a big year, Tulchin Research helped ensure Democratic victories in two key races, real brand Xopenex online.

    • We worked to re-elect State Representative Matt Bradford in a competitive race in a swing district.

    • We continued our work with Ceasefire PA, a statewide gun violence prevention organization, helping to defeat former Assembly Speaker John Perzel and elect Kevin Boyle in one of the few Democratic takeovers in the country.

  • Fighting For a Clean, Safe Environment, BUY Xopenex ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Xopenex online overnight delivery no prescription, Tulchin Research was proud to continue our efforts on behalf of environmental causes, working with organizations such as the California League of Conservation Voters, rx free Xopenex, Where can i buy cheapest Xopenex online, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense Fund, purchase Xopenex online, Canada, mexico, india, , the League of Conservation Voters, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy cheap Xopenex no rx, the National Wildlife Federation, Ocean Champions, Xopenex trusted pharmacy reviews, and the Sierra Club.

While we of course did not win every race, we wanted to congratulate former Tucson Vice Mayor Rodney Glassman on waging a spirited challenge to U.S. Senator John McCain in Arizona; John White on a strong campaign for Honolulu City Council and a bright future in the state of Hawaii; and finally Bill Hedrick, who received the highest percentage of any Democratic Congressional challenger in California in his campaign against Republican Ken Calvert.

While we had a successful season, we took away several important lessons from this election that we want to share with you:

  • With a large and increasing percentage of voters now casting their ballots early, “Election Day” in many states has now become more of a rolling multi-day election where voters make up their mind over the course of that period and cast their votes along the way. It is now imperative to communicate to voters as early as possible before they receive their ballots so you can still influence them prior to them making up their mind.

  • As we observed in the primary, negative advertising again proved more effective than positive advertising, with a cynical and angry electorate more receptive to negative arguments and themes than positive ones.

  • While the party in power always loses seats in a bad economy (except, it seems, in California), Democrats nationally must do a more effective job of developing a narrative on the economy and channeling voter anger. The electorate is engulfed in populist fervor, which Republicans successfully channeled toward government and Democratic leaders in Washington. To turn things around, Democrats must claim the populist mantle and redirect voter frustration where it belongs – toward the greedy special interests that continue to benefit from politics as usual in Washington while middle class families continue to struggle.

While the challenges Democrats continue to face are real, our experience in 2010 demonstrates that strategic research and a disciplined approach can lead us to victory on Election Day.

We thank all of our clients for the opportunity to work with them this cycle and look forward to an equally successful 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving,

The Tulchin Research Team.

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May 10th, 2010 · Blog, Poll release

BUY Terbutaline ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, According to a recent California statewide survey, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is the clear front-runner in the Democratic primary election for Lieutenant Governor. Newsom holds a 21-point lead over Los Angeles City Councilwoman Janice Hahn in the initial vote, buy generic Terbutaline, Terbutaline from canadian pharmacy, is much better known and has much higher favorability ratings, and performs strongly with Democratic primary voters across the state, Terbutaline gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Rx free Terbutaline, With only one in four voters currently undecided, Newsom is extremely well positioned to win the Democratic primary for Lieutenant Governor in June.

Newsom Has a Large Lead in the Horserace

In the horserace match-up, buy Terbutaline from canada, Order Terbutaline online c.o.d, Newsom garners 47% of the vote, 21 points ahead of Janice Hahn who trails at 26%, buy Terbutaline no prescription. Buy Terbutaline from mexico, The remaining 27% are currently undecided. The relatively low number of undecided voters indicates that it will be extraordinarily difficult for Hahn to obtain the necessary votes to overtake Newsom, where can i buy Terbutaline online. Order Terbutaline from mexican pharmacy, Given the results, Newsom is the clear leader in the Democratic primary and well poised for victory.

Read more in the Mercury News

Read the full polling results memo here

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November 5th, 2009 · Blog, News

BUY Viagra Super Active+ ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, In light of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dropping out of the governor's race in California, Ben Tulchin recently published an op-ed in The San Francisco Chronicle discussing the impact this has for Democrats in California and the rest of the country. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Why Democrats Win and Lose with Gavin Newsom Dropping Out of the Governor's Race

Newsom pic

And its now down to one.  The race for Governor among Democrats started off with a flourish, as many of the state’s leading Democrats threw their hat in the ring or at least were rumored to be considered running for the state’s highest office.  Now, where to buy Viagra Super Active+, Purchase Viagra Super Active+ ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, however, with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom dropping out, real brand Viagra Super Active+ online, Viagra Super Active+ gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, one lone  candidate remains – Attorney General Jerry Brown.

How did Jerry Brown essentially win the Democratic primary without a proverbial shot being fired (in the form of a television ad), where can i order Viagra Super Active+ without prescription. Order Viagra Super Active+ from mexican pharmacy,

Most of the credit goes to Jerry Brown.  It turns out that he is just that good and that it is no accident as to why he has been such a successful candidate and gotten elected so often.  He started the race as the frontrunner and did an extremely effective job at consolidating that position – he raised money with a steely discipline and spent little of it thus gaining a huge cash advantage over any potential rival; he effectively used a “Rose Garden” strategy of using his position as Attorney General to attract favorable media attention on relevant and popular issues of the day, such as most recently taking on Wall Street banks; he did not make any major mistakes, buy Viagra Super Active+ from mexico, Buy Viagra Super Active+ no prescription, and he did not engage his opponents and give them an opening, even when the race had narrowed to a two-way race.   So, where can i buy cheapest Viagra Super Active+ online, Ordering Viagra Super Active+ online, congratulations, Jerry Brown, buy Viagra Super Active+ from canada, Buy cheap Viagra Super Active+ no rx, you earned this victory.

What does this mean for Democrats?

Fundamentally, rx free Viagra Super Active+, Buy Viagra Super Active+ ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, this is good news for Democrats.  The likelihood that Jerry Brown will now run unopposed in the Democratic primary greatly improves Democrats’ odds of winning back the governorship of the nation’s largest state in what is now, and has been in recent years, buy no prescription Viagra Super Active+ online, Buy Viagra Super Active+ without prescription, a solidly blue state.  We have avoided a bloody and divisive civil war in the primary, which means Brown can conserve his resources and save them for the general election, buy Viagra Super Active+ online cod, Where can i buy Viagra Super Active+ online, where he will need them the most as he is likely to face a billionaire with essentially unlimited resources (either Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner).  Given their numbers advantage, Democrats should be running this state, online buy Viagra Super Active+ without a prescription, Purchase Viagra Super Active+, so this bodes well for that.

Importantly, Brown and California Democrats can now sit on the sidelines and watch the Republicans beat each other up in what will likely be a nasty and divisive primary fight between well-funded candidates who will spend millions of dollars attacking each other and leaving them in a weaker position for the general election, BUY Viagra Super Active+ ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION.

Newsom dropping out also has broader implications than just the governor’s race.  With Democrats’ now improved odds of winning at the top of the ticket, buy Viagra Super Active+ without a prescription, Buy generic Viagra Super Active+, this helps every Democrat who will appear on the ballot, including Senator Barbara Boxer who is up for re-election and faces a well-funded opponent in former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina; Democratic state legislative candidates who won tough swing districts last election cycle but now face a grumpy electorate that is frustrated with the State Legislature, fast shipping Viagra Super Active+, Order Viagra Super Active+ from United States pharmacy, and Congressional Democratic candidates who are challenging potentially vulnerable Republican incumbents in districts that national Democrats are eyeing as potential takeovers.

Furthermore, buy cheap Viagra Super Active+, Viagra Super Active+ over the counter, since this is a “redistricting election” in that new district lines will be drawn over the next two years for State Legislature and Congress, the fact that Democrats have improved their odds of controlling both the governorship and the State Legislature strengthens Democrats’ position in the state and sets them up for continued dominance in California for the next decade, Viagra Super Active+ samples. Buying Viagra Super Active+ online over the counter, Nevertheless, there is a downside to Jerry Brown running unopposed in the Democratic primary.  Democrats will not get a choice when it comes to selecting their nominee for governor.  The fact is Jerry Brown was governor 30 years ago and he is 71 years old.  It would have been nice for Democrats to have had a choice between Jerry Brown as the experienced hand and another candidate who comes from a different generation, canada, mexico, india, Australia, uk, us, usa, such as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom or Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.  Without a competitive race, we won’t benefit from a debate or contrast in ideas, where can i find Viagra Super Active+ online, Kjøpe Viagra Super Active+ på nett, köpa Viagra Super Active+ online, vision, or leadership style, Viagra Super Active+ price, coupon. Comprar en línea Viagra Super Active+, comprar Viagra Super Active+ baratos, Also, remember what Democrats experienced in the 2008 presidential election –  a primary that presented a clear choice in leadership styles and generations between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Though that primary seemed divisive at the time, order Viagra Super Active+ online overnight delivery no prescription, Viagra Super Active+ for sale, Democrats came together afterwards and the primary made Obama a stronger candidate.  Brown has not faced a tough election in years (since he ran for president in 1992, essentially), order Viagra Super Active+ online c.o.d, Viagra Super Active+ from canadian pharmacy, so getting battle-tested in the primary could have better prepared him for what will likely be a challenging general election when he will come under attack from a well-funded opponent.  A primary also would have allowed Jerry Brown to get his team together and build out a statewide operation, which takes time and effort to do well, online buying Viagra Super Active+ hcl.

Ultimately, with Gavin Newsom dropping out and Jerry Brown remaining as the only gubernatorial candidate, Democrats both win and lose.  They win because their chances of winning in November improve significantly.  But I do believe Democrats are worse off for not being able to have Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom share a debate stage together so we can see a veritable contrast in leadership style and generations to figure out who should lead the party and the state for the next four years and beyond.

The best of democracy is when voters have a choice, and it appears that for governor in 2010,

California Democrats won’t get to choose who they want as governor, they will simply get a nominee.  Fortunately for Democrats, that likely nominee is an experienced, talented, and popular candidate who can win in November.  This is a trade-off I am sure most Democrats are willing to accept.

Find the op-ed :


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